Coils Calculator

The main function of Coils selection module software is to calculate the performance of tubes and fins heat exchangers. It uses a fast, tested and effective calculation engine to provide the performance for monophase coils, direct expansion coils, refrigerant condensers coils and steam coils.

Basic functions for coils selection are:

  • Performance calculation and selection of liquid coil, single phase
  • Performance calculation and selection of direct expansion coil
  • Performance calculation and selection of condenser coil

Some additional, advanced functions complement the module, such as:

  • dimension optimization
  • calculation of coils system connected on the air or liquid side
  • calculation of steam condensing system
  • coils performance analysis
  • cheapest coils analysis
  • integration with additional software (e.g. CAD, ERP applications)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC) calculation
  • Heat recovery system with two or more coils

Furthermore, Altec srl takes care of the development of orders system for production.