The perfect tool for FCU performance calculation and selection
is now a reality: flexible, dynamic, ready to use

Software Features

The software allows selection and performance calculation for fancoil units.

A user-friendly interface guides the user through the selection of models among a number of product ranges. For each model, it is possible to select basic unit features and the list of accessories required, as well as calculate price and performances.

A variable range of accessories can be managed.

Performance calculation

This software solution allows fan and coil performance calculation by DLL and curves as well as corrective factors.

The software allows performance verification for a single model or all of them in a variable number of working points. A dedicated calculation library for coil performance is developed, for all the geometries required.


The software allows to manage projects, each of them can save a variable number of selections. It is possible to print a data sheet and offer, for each single calculation or whole project. Revisions are allowed.

The software works and prints in any language. Language and other parameters can be set manually by the customer.

For each model some documentation / data sheet can be generated in output (PDF, DXF, DOCX, XLS).

Database configuration

Database configuration is allowed by a specific tool managing relations among tables and adequacy of data entered by the user. Administrators can apply modifications to tables, as far as prices, descriptions and codes.