The path towards automation is smoothed: go from coil performance calculation
to order management and full integrated manufacturing module in few clicks.

Selection Module

ALTEC’s Coils designer selection module provides the functionalities as below

  • Calculation algorithm
  • NTU method based on standard performance law.
  • Fine tuning of coefficients according to test results provided.
  • Performance calculation of tubes and fins for monophase, direct expansion, steam and refrigerant condensing coils.
  • Cheapest coil selection
  • PED calculation
  • Dimension optimization.
  • Calculation of steam condensing system and heat recovery systems with two or more coils
  • Integration with third-party software (e.g. CAD engines, ERP tools)
  • Result report as output
  • Price calculation
  • Drawing module

Manufacturing Module

The coil selector by ALTEC can be enriched by the following functionalities to generate proper documentation for production:

  • Order creation;
  • List of coils to be produced with report containing list of tubes, fins, manifolds; labels for fin packs, tube packs and coils
  • Statistical data management.

Circuits development module: save and manage different types of circuits according to type of coil;

Drawings configuration module: the user can select a coil execution between list of preconfigured drawing, edit some dimensions and print a sketch of coil drawing together with performance data. For each coil execution the user configures the number, position and value of each drawing dimension.

Manufacturing module: a compact report with assembly drawing, tubes, fins, manifolds, circuiting and metal sheet parts is generated. Alternatively, it generates a separate DXF drawings for all single parts of the coils, allowing:

  • Calculation of metal sheets development for the frame;
  • Possibility to input standard rules and standard sizes per each customer and per each drawing.
  • Metal sheets drawing and post processing module.