Printout of the quotation

Printout of the quotation and Bill of Material generation

Quotation printout

The quotation with prices and dimensions generated by the software is printed using a layout that is decided by the manufacturer. This layout can be almost freely customized based on customer needs and can contain a graphic schema of the unit, information about the customer, the project information and commercial conditions and some technical details on each components of the unit.

Bill of Material generation

The software includes a module that allows entering and completing the BOM items for each unit component. The manufacturer then completes the bill in a substantially autonomous way from Altec.

It is also possible to evaluate the possibility to implement a connection with the accounting software used by the manufacturer, or alternatively with a specific module proposed by ALTEC in order to export the BOM data and generate a useful costs analysis and to speed up the issuance of documents, purchase order to suppliers and invoices.

The bill of materials can be organized on three levels: final product (the unit), information related to unit modules, information about the components inside the unit modules.