Integration with Automatic Nesting Software


Whatever is the way you generated them, to start the production activity in your plant you need a set of DXF files of your panels and of your internal blank off plates metal sheets.
The next step will be nesting: you can use your preferred nesting software to import each DXF, transform it in an “icon”, or “cutting” (or any other name used by your software) and then proceeding with the nesting generation.

Altec created a simple solution that help a lot to speed up this phase: we developed an integration with a nesting software developed by a 3rd party leading company. This integration allows the user to select one or more folders containing metal sheets DXF files and automatically perform the nesting.

The application is an independent solution that can work with any other solution providing a set of metal sheets DXF file. So, it is not limited to Altec AHU design software.
We provide this solution to give the manufacturer the maximum flexibility to perform the nesting of one single unit or, as more commonly done, to perform nesting of a set of more AHUs together.

Automatic nesting procedure steps

1. A set of 1 or more folders containing DXFs of metal sheets is selected:



2. DXF drawings are processed by the software:


3. Command files for 3rd party nesting software are generated:


4. Command files are quickly imported into the 3rd party nesting software (via drag&drop operation):



5. Nesting is automatically performed by the software within few seconds, with no need of manual intervention:


At the end of the process, the 3rd party nesting software can generate the program files for your specific punching or laser machine.