Who We Are

Fabio Santoro

CEO and Technical department manager

Long experienced Application Developer, Database Administrator and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using Oracle, Sybase, and MS-SQL Server.
Advisor in automation of industries workflow, developer of design tool for coils in air conditioning, air handling unit selection, drycoolers, developer of CAD system for automation of industrial productions.

Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, Politecnico di Milano


Giorgio Ferré

Software designer and developer

Expertise in relational databases and CAD engines.

Responsible for software development of AHU, fancoil and standard products calculation. In charge of EUROVENT certification issues, as far as AHU products are concerned.

Master’s degree in Information and Software Engineering, Politecnico di Milano


Matteo Macchi

Software designer and developer

In charge of AHU designer development with particular regard to CAD, control module integration and EUROVENT database design.

Graduation in Computer Science


Lorenzo Gasperina

Software designer and developer

In charge of AHU software development, control module integration, calculation libraries design, support activities.

Graduation in computer science


Elisa Simonotti

Web tool developer

Responsible for web applications development and related support activities.


Daniela Protti

Product tester, customer care

Responsible for setup and update release process, as well as for support and bugs fixing activities.

Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, The University of Milano-Bicocca


Lorenzo Paoletti

Database manager and tester

In charge of setup and update release process.


Marianna Ciravolo

Sales manager and customer care specialist

Responsible for quality management and customer portfolio, support activities and database management.


Monika Dimitrijević

Marketing and public relation specialist

In charge of website maintenance and Social Media Management, testing activities.

Master’s degree in International relations, specialising in Communications