Company Profile




Altec srl designs and develops software solutions and services for manufacturing companies active in the field of air treatment.



The people

Altec srl has a total staff of 9 members including:

  • The founder and CEO;
  • A sales manager;
  • A web tool developer;
  • Five qualified software developers;
  • A marketing specialist and social media manager.


Products and services

For over 20 years, Altec srl have been developing software solutions to help design activities, economical quotation generation, order processing and production automation for air handling units manufacturing companies. More in details, Altec provides a wide portfolio of solutions including:

The customers

In recent years, the staff of Altec srl has received and repaid the faith of more than 40 customers, including major industry players at national and international level. Well-established realities as Loran, Rhoss, Sabiana, TCF, Trane, Novenco and many others have believed, and still believe, in the competence of Altec srl and in our ability to deal with and prevent their issues. For more information about our customers please have a look at our references.

The plus

Since the beginning, three main features have pointed out products offered by Altec srl, which have become our pride overtime:

  • Ease of use;
  • Flexibility and customization;
  • Instant use.

The values

Since its early days, Altec srl was aware that customer satisfaction and results achievement would have been possible only through availability and flexibility, along with a great passion for information technology and air treatment fields. Equally important is staff competence development, which is carried out in a continuous and constant way. But what has always guided daily activities of the company is the ability to listen to customer needs, and especially the ability to interpret, understand and implement them.