Axial Fans Selection Software


Fans Selector is a centrifugal and axial fans selection program, developed by Altec srl, that enables a manufacturer to select, calculate performance and printout a technical report of its fans production range.

By using Fan Selector software, the manufacturer can quickly and easily determine the most suitable axial and centrifugal fans for its demands.

After entering the basic conditions, the ideal product for every requirement can be found with just a few clicks. Furthermore, all necessary product information such as technical data, including noise calculations, total sound power spectrum, natural and operating frequencies, performance curve plotting and so on can be obtained.

The software is highly customizable, both from input data possibilities and from required outputs perspective, based on the needs of the single manufacturer.

The following is an example of the main window of the software, which shows the range of fans matching the given input conditions and the data and performance curves of a specific fan chosen inside the proposed list.

01. Main Window


Input data

The software allows the user to specify a very detailed list of input data and parameters. The list of input can be tailored based on the manufacturer requests.

While some essential input data must mandatorily be specified, for some others an “AUTO” option is available: in this case, if chosen by the user, the selection algorithm will consider all the fans matching all possible values for the input data. Finally, some parameters are already pre-filled in the input mask with default values, that can be freely modified by the manufacturer if needed.

This input criteria has a twofold purpose:

  • It allows a very quick selection, by specifying only the mandatory input data and by leaving the AUTO option and the default values set in the remaining fields of the input mask:
  • It enables also a very detailed and specific selection, giving the user the possibility to specify a wide range of information for the fans to be selected.

02. Input selection mask


The fans range selection

In a very quick and straightforward way, the software propose a set of fans that match the input criteria. For each equipment, the main performance data are displayed.

The following picture shows an example of the selected fans range which match the input data referred in the previous section.

3. Fans range selection

Fans selection parameters

In the selection phase, it is possible to specify some criteria to be applied to the calculation. In the example, two parameters are available:

  • Selection by max efficiency;
  • Selection by minimal sound power level.

07. Selection parameter

The results

By selecting one of the fan showed in the selection list, the detailed performance data and performance curves are showed in the “Results” section of the main window of the program. The working point of the fan is also showed.

04. The results


The printout

The user can print a technical report including all the required data about the selected fan and save it in PDF format.

The following is an example of the printout generated by the software and related to the example used in the previous sections.

05. Printout 0106. Printout 02


Further improvements and developments

Altec is willing to satisfy all manufacturer’s requests and needs: further improvements to the software are possible, if required by the customer, as well as the development of new modules in order to add new functionalities to the existing ones.

The introduction of these additional functionalities would require the cooperation of the manufacturer, which will provide to Altec the technical information regarding the specific topics.

Some example of possible improvements are listed in the following:

  • Possibility to change the working point of the selected fan, in order to simulate the performance changes;
  • Pricing module: estimates the costs, areas, weights and labour hours;
  • Drawings generation (in 2D and 3D);
  • Stresses calculation.


These and further adding to the Fan Selector software described in the previous section need in depth discussion with the manufacturer and understanding of specific needs.