AHU Designer

The air handling units selection software by ALTEC srl is complete in functions, easy to use and suitable for any manufacturer. It consists of a base module and different additional modules, suitable to cover the many requirements that an air handling units manufacturer must cope along the entire process of selection, design and construction of the units.

The base module provides the selection and dimensioning of the individual components of the unit, each with their own characteristics specified by the manufacturer, to release a quotation for the unit complete with a unit scheme.

The size selection of the unit can follow various criteria according to manufacturer design choices. The software is capable to use one or more predefined ranges of units, for each of which the front size of the single unit of the series has been predefined, or to calculate the unit  dimensions based on overall limits to be complied with: units components selection is made accordingly.

The usage of the software is therefore effective for manufacturers that have standard range of produced units, as well as in companies that, depending on its high production flexibility, decided to design units optimized to achieve the performance necessary to meet the specific needs of their customers.

The greatest flexibility in integrating inside the software the criteria adopted by each manufacturer for the dimensioning of the components, for the calculation of the overall length of the unit and for the calculation of the selling price, is therefore widely guaranteed.

The software is in fact able to use formulas, default values, pricing lists to provide the dimensioning of single unit adopting the procedures commonly used by each manufacturer.

The software allows:

Production of standard units:

  • List of unit sizes;
  • List of components selected for each size;
  • List of dimensions for each component and unit size;
  • Components price list for each unit size;
  • Free print layout of offers.

Production of optimized units:

  • Insertion of dimensional constraints;
  • Parametric selection of each single component with rules;
  • Calculation of components dimension by using specific expressions and criteria;
  • Full calculation of the unit structure (panels, profiles, angles, omega profiles, basement);
  • Calculation of the cost of each component and all its parts;
  • Free print layout for offers.

Additional tasks:

  • Calculation of air mixtures and psychometric chart;
  • Offers import-export module;
  • Compilation of bill of materials and integration with ERP software;
  • Working drawing creation, profiles and panels cutting list calculations, metal sheet drawing modules for integration with CAD-CAM;
  • Preparation of offer documents;
  • Design of units with complex composition;
  • Optimal selection of components from different suppliers;
  • Cost analysis;
  • Labor time analysis per work center;
  • Software configuration and creation of BOM, metal sheet list, labor time specifications.

The software is:

  • Easy and intuitive;
  • Complete and ready-to-use;
  • Capable of handling an unlimited number of projects and units for each project;
  • Able to work with any number of languages;
  • Able to handle different user levels;
  • Capable to connect to existing ERP software to automate the process of generating orders to supplier;
  • Suitable for EUROVENT certification;
  • Developed according to the specific needs of each individual manufacturer;
  • Developed with the latest software technologies.