Orders processing module

The module has 3 mains functionalities:
1. input of coils orders: it allows to create a new order by specifying different options and data.

2. preparation of production plan: it allows the selection of coils to be produced from a complete list of coils to be manufactured. The generation of production program will follow.

Output of the module

The following is a list of the output produced by the module:

  • New order creation
  • List of coils to be produced, grouped by a Production Plan
  • For each Production Plan the software prepares a report containing the following information:
      • list of  tubes
      • list of fins
      • list of manifolds
      • labels for fin packs
      • labels for tube packs
      • labels for coils

For more details and example, please refer to the section Outputs of Coils Jobs and Orders processing modules.

Sample screenshots

The following is a gallery of sample screenshots of the module.

3. statistics: the module provides many different statistical reports, such as: orders by month, order by customers, list of cancelled orders, list of order to be produced, list of order in production, press machine time computation for planned orders or total orders to be produced.