Manufacturing module

This module is an invaluable help in the development of the drawings and information necessary to manufacture the coil.

It depends on information entered with the drawing configuration module, circuit module and order processing module to help user reduce the retyping of the same information for the same coil.

The process will follows the following steps:

1) The user opens the production plan created with the Order processing tool:

Production plan opening

Production plan opening


2) Selection of execution drawing from list of available drawing;

3) Edit some dimensions if default value is not correct:

Dimensions editing window

Dimensions editing window

4) The manufacturer can edit some values for frame metal sheet development: each metal part is configured with drawing configuration by default, but it is possible to change some parameters value or some frame part choosing from the list of available parts for frame construction. Each available frame part has a list of parameters and a final part drawing (with bend information). Each frame part material can be different from default frame material and thickness:

Metal sheet development values editing

Metal sheet development values editing

5) selection of coil circuit from list of available circuits;

6) Completion of input data for manifold and header;

7) If needed, override of some default values proposed by software.


The result of the whole activity is a report that contains information for:

  • Manifolds and headers production;
  • Circuits configuration;
  • Coils frame metal sheets production;
  • Coil general execution drawing.

The software is highly customizable and let the user choose the coil drawing between a set of preconfigured drawings.

Each preconfigured drawing contains default information for all the dimensions needed to build the coil, thus reducing the time necessary to create manufacturing information for the coil.

The optional CAD Drawings generation for manufacturing module is also available, providing the automatic generation of the DXF drawings of all parts of the coils needed for the production phase.