Profiles drilling automatic calculation: a further step towards the manual work and mistakes minimization


Your technical department, or better your software for the automation of production, can generate a set of documentation needed in the production phase.

In particular, together with the DWG drawing of the complete unit, with the internal component positioned in the right place and the cutting lists for metal sheets and profiles, your production plant is used to get the DXF drawings of the metal sheets, ready for the punching or laser machine.

If you have good luck, and in particular if you are among the privileged manufacturers that own a complete solution for your unit production automation, you get these documentation and drawings automatically, as output of your software for production automation (if you would like to see an example of such a solution, please have a look at AHU Designer product description at the following link:

Otherwise, your technical department engineers need to work on the AHU selection information to produce the needed drawings. The metal sheets drawings, both for panels and for blank off plates, besides the real dimension of the flat sheet, report also the needed workings and holes.

When you get your metal sheets ready, during the mounting phase, still one time consuming and important activity is needed to be performed in a manual way: the drilling of both structure and omega (reinforcement) profiles. In general, the calculation of the needed holes position and dimension cannot be performed by the technical department: calculation of profiles drilling needs to keep in consideration a lot of variables and, in any case, if you try to perform it manually, the possibility of mistake occurrence is quite high.

As alternative, you can ask your software to do the job for you.

The automatic calculation of profiles drilling

Your unit design and production automation solution should contains all the information regarding panels, internal metal sheets, profile mounting positions. Of course, this is possible only if the solution has been developed based on your real and specific requirements, and if the solution contains your own specific construction rules for your unit. This means that the output of the software can be sent directly to the production plant, without manual intervention on it (if you would like to know more about the importance of rules usage in AHU design software, please have a look at the following article on our blog:

The output generated by the software in an automatic way can includes the following:

  • Holes position calculation of both structure and omega profiles with correspondence on mounting holes on panels;
  • Generation of command files for the integration with the profiles cutting machine;
  • Review of profiles cutting list, with the unique identification of profiles based on the holes on each of them (two profiles can be different also regarding the number and position of holes on it, not only about their material, size and length);
  • Revision of manpower time for profiles;
  • Calculation of profiles drilling in correspondence of internal metal sheets mounting holes.

This results can definitively benefit your company in terms of reduction of manual work and reduction of mistakes.

In the following pictures you can see some sample results of such calculation.

profile drilling















profile drilling 2











profile drilling 3



If you would like to see how we implemented the automatic profiles drilling calculation as part of the AHU Designer, the first and only one solution for AHU design and production automation designed starting from each single manufacturer specific needs and requirements, please have a look at the following link:

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