Altec is introducing a Chinese-language Web site, part of a continuing effort to expand its reach to international air treatment manufacturing market.

As a leading provider of software solutions for manufacturers active in the field of air treatment, serving a wide range of companies in Italy and around the world, Altec works on a global level, but with a big attention to local realities. The expansion of to include additional native-language websites enables Altec srl to further strengthen our commitment to support our customers’ needs worldwide.

The Altec website is now available in two more languages: Chinese and Russian, this in addition to English, the original language. Access in other languages are planned in the near future. These languages were chosen to meet the information needs of our local customers and stakeholders in increasingly important regional markets.

This multi-language information repository is primarily designed to make it even easier for our customers in air treatment manufacturing sectors to identify the most appropriate solution to fit their needs.

Our website is a key element of our customer-centric strategy, and provides a single entry point to a wide range of information about our company, our solutions and our services. Multi-language access to this website is a key milestone which will allow us to better provide information to our customers and stakeholders in all markets, with a special focus on local needs and “flavors”.

Altec’s global website will remain the public face of Altec srl. We are working to make Altec’s online presence faster and more valuable for our clients worldwide.

To view the new sites, simply click on the links below:

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