VEZA and ALTEC Bring Coils Designer suite to VEZA’s Coils Production Process



ALTEC is delighted to announce that on November, 25th 2013 has entered into an agreement with VEZA for the provision of the Coils Designer software suite. VEZA is a well known and recognised leader in the air treatment manufacturing market in Russia.

Under the terms of the contract, ALTEC will implement a complete and integrated solution that will provide Veza with the following main functionalities:

  • Coils selection (including coils performance calculation, technical report generation, drawings generation for selection);
  • Orders processing (creation of coil orders, preparation of a production plan);
  • Manufacturing management (complete manufacturing information for: headers, manifolds, circuits, frame metal sheets; general coils CAD drawings);
  • CAD drawings generation (DXF drawings for each single part of the coil, including metal sheets).

In addition, the software will include also some Utilities for coils circuits management and for coils drawings configuration. ALTEC will also provide Maintenance and Support Services to VEZA, in order to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency possible of the software solution.

ALTEC has enormous respect for VEZA and we are excited to begin working together. Russia is an extremely important market for Altec and our partnership with Veza presents us the opportunity to bring our advanced solution to a leader russian manufacturer, with the purpose to improve drammatically their production efficiency.



*VEZA was founded in 1995 for manufacturing of wide range of ventilation equipment for industrial and civil construction. For 15 years of development VEZA has opened 6 own facilities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with total area 50000 sq. Mt and more than 700 employees. The main product line presented by VEZA are:

  • AHU units (8000 pcs per year);
  • Industrial fans;
  • Smoke exhaust and sparkproof fans (15000 pcs per year);
  • Air dampers including fire, cold-resistant also in low leakage execution (40000 pcs);
  • Air-heating equipment, drycoolers, unit-heaters ,air curtains and customized heat exchangers (4000 pcs).


*ALTEC  designs and develops software solutions and services for manufacturing companies active in the field of air treatment. By taking advantage of our more then 28 years of specific experience in the air treatment market, we design our software solutions to help design activities, economical quotation generation, order processing and production automation manufacturing companies active in the air treatment field.

More in details, ALTEC provides a wide portfolio of solutions including:

  • Thermodynamic software;
  • Jobs orders and production software;
  • Control and automation software;
  • Consultancy services.


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