Altec’s Website Now Available in Russian Language

Altec srl is pleased to announce the launch of country website in Russia, translated into its native languages. As a leading provider of software solutions for manufacturers active in the field of air treatment, serving a wide range of companies in Italy and around the world, Altec srl works on a global level, but with a big attention to local realities. The expansion of to include additional native-language websites enables Altec srl to further strengthen our commitment to support our customers’ needs worldwide.

As with the English-language site, visitors to the translated sites will be able to find details of the global services we provide and industries we serve, but with a special focus on local needs and “flavors”. The home page design for each country website is consistent with the English version, giving an at-a-glance overview of what with can do for our customers and easy access to further details for a more in-depth view.

Altec’s global website will remain the public face of Altec srl. We are working to make Altec’s online presence faster and more valuable for our clients worldwide. Russia site is the first of other country website to come.

To view the new sites, simply click on the links below.


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